I have lived in Illinois my entire life. My grandchildren are the sixth generation of my family to be living in Illinois. Illinois is very important to me and my family, and frankly I am heartbroken to see it as it is today. I cannot remember a time when our roads were in such bad shape, or when it was so hard to find a job, or when we had so many families struggling so hard just to keep their heads above water and not being able to do it. Too many children in Illinois, one in five, are going hungry on a daily basis, no child, let alone adult, should be going hungry in our state. I have a better vision for Illinois, one that brings prosperity to our great state.

My Vision for Illinois:
1) The best state, where businesses thrive and create plenty of job competition, to provide a living wage for hard-working people, 2) The best schools, community colleges and universities, and also trade/vocational and technical schools in the nation to develop the best employees to attract businesses, including manufacturers, to Illinois, 3) ) An amendment to the Illinois Constitution that sets term limits for the Governor and the General Assembly, in order to end the reign of easily corrupted career politicians, 4) State pensions that are fair to both the government employees and the taxpayers of Illinois, within the strictures of the Illinois Constitution, 5) The best infrastructure in the United States, 6) The state with the lowest income taxes in the country, 7) A balanced budget, 8) The best social services for people who fall through the cracks.


  1. Mike Foote says:

    Any fund raisers, townhalls, meet and greet events be sure to send that information to me and I will include in Special Events.

    Who, What, Where, Why, donation amount, flyers (jpg if possible), etc., etc.

  2. Larry Schultz says:

    If elected, do you plan on taking a paycheck and a pension? Politics were never intended to be a career. I like the fact that you are not an attorney.

    • debbie says:

      Hi Larry,
      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I have not been on my computer very much lately as I have been out knocking on doors to get my message out to the people. Yes, I will be taking a salary, George Washington as well as all the other founding fathers took a salary when they were in office. I will have to pay for a place to stay and food while the General Assembly is in attendance in Springfield so I will need money in order to live there. I do not intend to make this my career however. I plan on going to Springfield and doing my part and then allowing another public servant to take my place and do their part. Eight years will be my limit in office. I will be working on making the pensions fair to the taxpayers when I am in office. Since very little will be paid into social security for me during my time in office the pension will make up for this time.

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